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a software company specialized in delivering digital solutions for Utilities and Industry

We focus on
IT/OT integration and intelligent data processing
Research & Development for delivering innovation
Intelligent utility network monitoring and management
We are supoorted by InnoEnergy
Our products portfolio

We are still developing new ideas, combining market expectations with our experience to deliver greater value and innovation with ready-to-use software solutions to give you competitive advantage

Intelligent validation, estimation and editing of measurement data combined with big data analytics for all utilities.
Live Utility Network Assistant
Real time utility network monitoring and visualization with control room operations dashboard
OEE & Downtime Tracking Starter Pack

Real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of the batch production status in terms of OEE and downtime tracking.

Our competencies and areas of expertise

We deliver software development, implementation and integration services to industrial and utilities companies based on our deep domain knowledge and areas of expertise

IT/OT integration
Integration of data and operations yields tangible business benefits and boosts your bottom line. To this end we act as partner to OSIsoft ‒ the leading vendor in the field of operational intelligence ‒ and proven integrator of their flagship product: the PI system.
IoT and Data Processing
Through IT/OT integration industrial and utility companies are gathering large volumes of data. Ask us to take you through the big data approach and discover real infrastructure and customer insights, forecast and analyze operational issues, and detect outage and fraud
Building real-time intelligence in utility networks
Utility companies are transforming their businesses and building Network Intelligence and Operations Efficiency. We deliver solutions to monitor performance and provide network control, manage operations and visualize data.
Clients who believe in ConnectPoint

Major utility companies and smaller outfits have already achieved added value through us. ConnectPoint has the proven flexibility to adjust to your particular needs and the robust stability that the most exacting utility groups rightly demand from their partners.

We deliver value to our clients with
News & Blog
News / 16.05.2019
InnoEnergy invests in Smartvee

InnoEnergy has decided to invest in the development of our product Smartvee! Our common goal is to help companies from the Utility and Energy industries to improve the quality of their measurement data and their analytics. Thanks to this, they will be able to monitor anomalies better and increase the efficiency of their systems. 

News / 17.10.2018
Next milestone in strengthening partnership with OSIsoft

The next milestone in boosting cooperation with OSIsoft achieved! Last month ConnectPoint actively participated  in PI World EMEA conference in Barcelona. 

Our activity during the event resulted in new opportunities proving that ConnectPoint is a competitive and valuable partner for PI implementations in the European market.

News / 25.05.2018
Boosting partnership with OSIsoft

This year we have published two new products in OSIsoft marketplace:

  • Smartvee - innovative platform of measurement data processing (VEE) combined with intelligent data analysis for Water, Heating and Power distributors.
  • OEE & Downtimes Tracking Starter Pack - real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of the batch...
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