OEE & Downtime Tracking Starter Pack

Real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of the batch production status in terms of OEE and downtime tracking.

We harnesses cutting-edge technology to collect and process operational data - OSIsoft PI System, to build operational intelligence in batch production company.

Business impact and values

The goal of the solution is to collect real-time data from machines, devices and production management systems as well as online monitoring and calculation of KPIs related to production effectiveness and downtimes.


  • Online KPIs monitoring of whole batch production in one consistent tool
  • Access to aggregated data (per product, machine, line, shift, etc.) allowing localizing, tracking and preventing from downtimes
  • Automated reporting of production and quality KPIs and downtimes
  • Quickly calculate OEE in various contexts
  • Provide just-in-time reporting for staff meetings
  • Have detailed insight into the correlation between production and business part

As a certified partner of OSIsoft, we have a proven track record in delivering ready-to-use solutions and custom implementations of operational intelligence using PI System.

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