Intelligent validation, estimation and editing of measurement data combined 

with big data analytics for all utilities

How it works
Smartvee takes an innovative approach to vee process and measurement data insights. It enables heat, water and energy utilities and meter data management agents to clean measurement data, detect anomalies such as fraud and outage, predict trends, forecast consumption and demand, and respond quickly to events. Features:

Automated, schedule-based validation and cleaning of meter data for meter-to-bill process

Real time detection of anomalies and predictions based on configurable rules and analytical models operating on current and historical data

Results of big data analytics and recommendations of business and operational actions available in one consistent tool
How we deliver

Hit the ground running with our flexible delivery and cooperation model. You choose the option that’s best for you. We also recommend you check out our Data Science consultancy services to assure top quality meter data and discover how Smartvee can solve issues that could be affecting your business.


Ready-to-use cloud service providing all the features you’re looking for, including meter data import and export, vee process, analysis, reporting and data visualization in a simple subscription model with a try-and-buy period.


Ready-to-use private cloud application allowing customization and integration with your existing solutions without having to deploy it into your infrastructure


Deeper integration with your infrastructure and customization to your particular requirements, especially in the field of analytical models and reporting

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