IT/OT integration

Real-time integration of data from Operational  Technology and Information systems (IT/OT Integration) is becoming crucial for achieving business benefits and increasing performance by asset-intensive companies in various sectors ranging from Power and Utilities to Industry or Transportation.

Raising importance of sensors and connected devices (IoT) creates additional benefits and is a great step towards digitalization but it also means challenge of proper data acquisition, validation and integration at the business level

Our competencies

ConnectPoint enables asset-intensive companies to achieve

  • Secure integration of critical OT data into business environment
  • Improved decision making process based on the real-time analysis of integrated data from various OT systems (SCADA, MES, connected devices, and any OT data source) in business context
  • Better asset management and assets usage as well as workforce planning thanks to AI models built on integrated data
  • Improved customer service level
  • Cost reductions by simplifying management systems, data management and production performance
  • Working on the real-time operations data

Our industry know-how, experience and skills makes us the right Partner in the area of IT/OT as well as IoT integration for the sectors like manufacturing, production, water, heat and power distribution, power generation, oil & refining and others

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If you are interested in success stories of our clients and what we deliver in IT/OT integration projects, please download the case studies
Multi-country wind-farm monitoring project

ConnectPoint supports  E.ON Climate & Reneweables in wind-farms monitoring located in Europe and United States.

Intelligence across heating network with real-time GIS visualization

ConnectPoint is helping the largest heating network in EU, a transnational utility company, drive cutting-edge technology and proactive insight to optimize their everyday operations.

Online production monitoring system
ConnectPoint provides Twinings with real-time overview of the whole manufacturing process by integration IT/OT systems into one central system.
Water supply management across Municipal Water and Sewerage Company
ConnectPoint integrated IT/OT infrastructure of large Municipality company into one Central Data Repository solution to enable better network and demand management, forecasting and waste management.